What You Need To Set Up Your Party

paper goodsHave a party coming up? You will need a bunch of party goods to make sure everything goes well. Here is a list of what we recommend:

  • Plates & Bowls: Unless you want your guests to eat out of the pots and pans, you should stock up on paper plates and bowls your guests can use. Don’t forget the plastic cutlery as well! Washing dishes will be the last thing you want to do after a party.
  • Aluminum Pans: For cooked foods you want to keep warm for most of the night, nothing beats aluminum pans. Available in a number of sizes, they are perfect for the pasta, chicken, rice, and whatever food you have to offer; you can even wrap up small pans to give to guests as they leave!
  • Napkins: It is hard to keep yourself clean when food is involved, so buy a lot of napkins and paper towels to clean your hands. These also help to clean up any minor messes that might occur during the party.
  • Garbage Bags: A big party with a lot of food equals a lot of garbage. Whether you are hosting a small or large party, accumulating garbage is inevitable, so be prepared to collect everything in bags.
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